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Korisni video snimci vezani za brodo-maketarstvo.

How to Build a Model Ship (HM Cutter Mermaid)

The following video clip is a short sequence from Modellers Shipyard DVD on How to Build the HM Cutter Mermaid. The complete DVD is over 3 hours of narration & demonstration by Master Period Model Ship Builder Leon Griffiths.

The DVD shows the modeller every step in building the hull, deck furniture and rigging of the model. The lessons demonstrated are applicable to the building of other period ship models. Leon presents each step of the Mermaid's construction demonstrating his many model ship building tips and techniques.

The Woodwright's Shop: S4 Ep10: Building a Boat

Roy builds a small rowboat using traditional tools and techniques.

The Woodwright's Shop: S26 Ep1: Ship in a Bottle

Raise the sails on a fleet in a flask with a master of the maritime miniature.
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Leon's Tips & Tricks - Correct Basic Tools

Welcome To Leon's Tips & Tricks. In this video Leon will be giving a run through on the basic tools of ship model making and their proper use.

Putting a Ship in a bottle

The trick of putting a ship into a bottle has baffled many, but Rob shows the important steps.

Santa Maria Shipwrecked

Another perfect Ship to be bottled but this time the artist had to face a storm head on. Watch Folk Artist Victor Leong Build the Santa Maria in what could be his worst nighmare!